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We need to estimate the car rental charges and obtain a deposit from your credit or debitcard.
The estimate is based on – Expected length of rental – Applicable rate including tax – Incidental charges such as gasoline, etc. This amount is not debited. It is held on cardholder’s bank account until the final rental charge amount is debited. However, there can be exceptions in some cases. Please see our general rental information for more detail.

GO! Rent A Car provides clients with complete 24-hour emergency road side assistance. The numbers to be called are printed on the rental agreement and on the car key. In the event of a breakdown or an accident, you will receive prompt assistance. You must always remember to complete an accident report form, if an accident happens, giving a full account of the circumstances in which the accident happened. In the event of an accident, always make out a jointly agreed report with the other person involved (you’ll find one in the folder containing the vehicle’s documents). If you don’t, you could be held liable for the cost of repairing the damage done to the rental vehicle. Please read carefully the rental terms and any instructions provided at time of pick-up.

You will need to present to our customer representative:
1) Your normal driver’s license, issued by your country of residence and held for a minimum period according to local legislation or conditions. It will be requested at every rental. In addition to your normal Driving Licence, your International Driving Licence is also mandatory if your driving licence is written in a language different then English. Note that your International Driving Licence is valid only if accompanied by your normal Driving Licence.
2) Your valid credit or debitcard with an expiry date after the due check-in date. We will take a deposit during your rental for a estimated amount according to rental period, CDW, age etc.

GO! Rent A Car offers two types of rate:

  • rate including a limited mileage, which means that you will be charged for extra for additional mileage over that limit. You will be advised on the rate pages of our online booking service whether unlimited mileage is included, or you can ask at the counter when you pick up your car.
  • rate including unlimited mileage, which means that you can drive as much as you want. To book a car with unlimited mileage you can add the extra on check-out at your online booking. However we recommend that no individual driver be at the wheel for extended periods and/or without taking appropriate rest.

You must be aged 21 or over to rent a car and in any case, have held a driving license for at least one year. However, the age requirements may vary according to the vehicle category considered. If you are 18 years and want to rent a car with GO! Rent A Car you must hold a credit card on your name. A Young Driver Surcharge may be applicable in some instances. There is no maximum age to rent a car. Mail us at amsterdam@go-rentacar.nl for more information.

Your total rental rate is calculated based on the information provided at the time of booking. Quoted total rate will include any extras you select during the booking process. Our counter agents will review all charges with you to ensure that your total charges meet with your approval when you pick up your car. Our prices are dynamic and can in or decrease during days or hours.

Rules applicable to fuelling and refuelling. Please check carefully the rules applicable for every rental you make.Usually vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel. At the return of the vehicle, 2 situations may then arise:
1. Return of the vehicle with the same level of fuel tank:

  • We provide you with a vehicle with a full tank of fuel of a determined level of fuel mentioned in the Rental Agreement.
  • You return the vehicle with an identical level of fuel.
  • You pay nothing for either refuelling charge or fuel. Please note that GO! Rent A Car may require you to provide a proof of fuel purchase (receipt).

2. Return of the vehicle with a different level of fuel tank than the level of fuel tank mentioned at pick-up time (Refuelling charge):

  • If you have not taken up the full tank option and the vehicle is not returned with the same level of fuel to the one identified at pick-up time, you will be charged the cost of the missing fuel plus a refuelling charge of €7,50.

You can book a car online for the renter/driver with his/her details. And pay with your bank, PayPal or creditcard. The renter/driver must provide his/her driver license at pick-up and a debit or creditcard for the deposit.

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